Project Description


Because I am extremely grateful for everything I’ve lived, what I have to experience, for all the opportunities to learn to grow, for having been able to realise that life without becoming aware of it and of each of the steps that are taken, leave no traces and it is these that mold us.

  • I am grateful for remembering the LOVE every time I feel SCARED and thus fade it.
  • I am grateful for learning that there is nothing that cannot be achieved, it is only necessary to take it for granted and to thank it. The path to the goal is pleasant.
  • I am grateful for the time I had to fight alone to get ahead with a family, young, transgressor for the time and in a new geographical place.
  • I am grateful because at the age of 3 they took me to learn piano and for what I later passed as my career. There were times i had without piano and yet i still returned to it. I also learned in time that when you are destined to do something that is your mission, you can do many laps, but finally, what has to be, it happens.
  • Thank you to my parents because they taught me that you have to make a living and they took care of me until I left at 16 to get married for the first time.
  • I thank my children every day, even if they do not know, for being who they are, for what they have achieved despite having an atypical mother. For being such good spouses, parents and children.
  • I thank my grandchildren for the opportunity to see them grow successfully in their different life choices. For being brave, for being all I would have wanted to be.
  • Thank you to my husbands, today the 4th and definitive, for everything I learned with each of them.
  • I appreciate my tireless quest for happiness-and spirituality I share to motivate, heal, transform.
  • I thank Prince Tomohito of Mikasa for the opportunity to bring my music to 25 disabled institutions throughout Japan.
  • I appreciate this wonderful opportunity to communicate with you and tell you my story that is the compendium of many. But all of them, despite the fall and having to start from zero several times, have brought me to today with peace and emotion.